Which Google Adwords extensions can appear in your account automatically?

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Mrs.RedHat написал 21.09.2018

As many of the PPC experts have noticed, Google is not indifferent to ad extensions and is constantly testing more and more new items. So, at first the extensions of "Prices" and "Partner Addresses" became available, but there are also such ad extensions that appear only when the campaign meets certain requirements:

  • Seller rating
  • Social extensions
  • Information about previous visits
  • User Ratings
  • Structured Snippets

1)Seller rating

It is based on reviews of your company. If you received more than 30 reviews on certain sites over the past 12 months, including Google Shopping and Google True Stories, the extension is automatically turned on. The user will not see this extension if the company's rating is below 3.5 stars. So you need to get 30 reviews with more than 3,5 stars.

2)Social extensions

This extension becomes available if you have an interested Google+ community. To do this, you need to link your Google+ account to your Google AdWords account and attract more than 100 subscribers. Then users will find out about your community and, probably, will want to join it.

3)Information about previous visits

If a user has already visited your site and the search results or advertisements have a URL that matches the display URL of the ad, then the information about the user's last visit will appear next to the ad.
To do this, you need to type 1% of clicks in normal search results or two clicks on ads.
Users will know that they have previously visited your site and will most likely want to visit it again.

4)User Ratings

This rating is calculated based on a minimum of 100 surveys (and, in general, over 1000) that Google conducts on the Consumer Survey platform.

5) Structured Snippets

This extension helps potential customers find out what exactly is waiting for them on your site after clicking on the ad. Such descriptions are compiled automatically based on the content of your site and supplement the ads. This extension looks like a separate line, this element is not interactive, but still useful for your potential client.

This list of automatic extensions is not exhaustive - it shows the extensions most frequently appearing in the issue, as well as the most interesting ones in terms of increasing clickability.


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