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Why You're Not Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Subhajit написал 16.08.2018

?You have a poor starter strategy: You're basically throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. You don't know how to find profitable campaigns, choose offers, no proper optimization process, etc etc.
This is an AWFUL strategy and will only result in a big loss of money. Learn to set yourself up for success in the BEGINNING.

? You have unrealistic expectations: You hear a lot of big affiliates making x,xxx/days and xx,xxx/days profit. SO you launch a campaign, lose money, and say this doesn't work that it's all a lie.

Well first of all in order to hit xx,xxx/days profit you need to learn how to make $1 first. In order to do this you need to PRACTICE. and the only way to practice is to spend money and launch. Focus on making $1 then double it to $2 then double over and over again. Eventually you will learn how to hit the big numbers.

? You have the "Long Wolf" mentality: I've said this many many times before. The best way to learn this business is to network with other guys who are where you want to be. Ask them how they did it. Have them teach you. But before you ask any questions, try and friend them first. Don't be that guy who just asks for advice and then leaves. Try to add some value to the person you're asking. Nobody likes to help someone who is selfish. S go out there and find the top guys and have them teach you.

?Keep launching. Keep moving forward. Keep practicing. You will get there. Hope this helps guys.


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