Get free traffic from FB groups

syed_rehman написал 23.07.2018
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I’d like to share my method of driving free traffic via Facebook Groups.

Here’s algorithm:

  1. Create 3-5 FB accounts.

  2. Join some FB groups with each account.

  3. Find pictures that force interaction (something disputable, controversial).

  4. Post from one FB account this pic into the group. The group and the pic must be of the same niche. Write very engaging caption, encourage people to leave comments.

  5. When the comments explode, write comments from your other FB accounts, so everyone who commented will receive notification.

Example: Niche - Mobile manufacturing

Post in a group: “Guys, do you prefer Android or IOS?"

Comment: Put Youtube URL in the comment like: “Check what this guy can do with his Iphone”. You can place there a video from the web with some tricks for iphone. After 15-30 secs set a popup box with the text like “last iphone X Giveaway”. And here’s your landing page with the offer.

Select the niche, test the thread, share your opinion.


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