How to create a blacklist of websites for networks

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I decided to tell you how to compile black lists of sites for teaser networks. There are two types of teaser networks, the first type - networks with high quality traffic, which is carefully checked by admins of teaser networks and the second one is networks which are take every traffic and sell it cheaper. In the second case working productively without black lists of sites is almost impossible.

The principle of making these blacklists is pretty simple and all of them are actually the same. All we need is to learn the ID of the websites from which there were clicks, but no conversions. We put these websites on the blacklist so ads will not shown there any more.

the link looks like this:


What can we specify in a such link? I pointed the identifier of the teaser in the aff_sub, aff_sub2 indicated the source of the traffic, and in aff_sub3 will indicate the id of the website.

When we’ll have the results about clicks we can see what websites you should add on blacklists.


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