Why does some networks have the possibility to specify more than one SubID?

Vi_Li написал 28.08.2018
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Most of you, guys, knows about SubID, but only few of you use its full capabilities. So, SubID is a label that allows you to track all the actions occurred with it in statistics.

Why is this necessary?

I think everything is clear, but I’ll show it in case:

I'm pushing up the traffic for 1 product on facebook. I have 20 ad campaigns with different pictures and ad texts. I need to find out which of the creatives gives every conversions, does this conversion brings me a profit , I mark each affiliate link with a subID and then in the statistics of the affiliate network I can get every information about the desired one. It's all simple, but let's delve into the subject and think about what else we can add to SubID for more accurate analytics ?!

Most of webmasters use SubID for tracking conversion on a particular ad and they don't collect other useful information that they could get for free, for example collect the black list for networks.

If you work with social media ads using 1 SubID is enough, because you can target audience by the GEO, gender, age and other. But if we talk about teaser networks or media traffic? We need to get more information about the traffic we have. For example, we can put SubID with the country and even the city from which the user came from, the name of the teaser network or the site from where the traffic, the ad number, the keywords on which the user came, etc., are fed into the SubID. For these purposes, some networks has possibility to specify more than one SubID.

Use dynamic SubIDs in full, because the more data you have for analysis, the more profit you can squeeze out on the same traffic!


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