4 tips for Keyword research in SEO

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Guys, I’d like to share my experience with you:) Actually, I believe that keyword research is the most essential part of SEO. If you can find right keywords for your business, you’ll not only bring visitors to your website, but you’ll know also your customers better than your competitors. Proper keywords can place your website on the top of Google, they can give you more traffic, more leads and more sales.

1. It’s not recommended to begin with keyword research tool. You can proceed to work with it later. Find out niche topics - the topics that are interesting for your target customers. Here’s example of Niche Topic List for a website selling organic beauty products:

  • how to get rid of greasy hair

  • how to get rid of acne

  • how to whiten your teeth

  • hypoallergenic cosmetics

  • how to strengthen your nails

Do you see the difference? It gives new vision in comparison with automatic search. If you can’t come up quickly with ideas for niche topics, try to analyse the personality of your customer. Elaborate such criteria as age, gender, average income, hobbies and interests, things they struggle with and their goals.

2. The next step is to identify keywords. It’s common in SEO to divide keywords in three groups: head, body and tail. Head keywords are usually single-word keywords that have immense amount of search volume and competition. Like “shampoo”, “mask”, etc. As a rule, they don’t convert very well, because they’re too general. Body keywords are 2-3 word phrases that are more specific than Head terms, that’s why they get lower search volume. For example, “buy shampoo online” or “clay mask”. Long tail keywords have 4 or more words and are usually very specific. It can be “buy hypoallergenic shampoo online” or “anti-acne clay mask with neem”. These keywords are less competitive, but they convert well. It’s better to focus on Body and Long Tail keywords.

3. Now we’re ready to use keyword research tool. Everyone knows Google Keyword Planner which is free, but there are more effective keyword research tools for those who are serious about SEO:

  • SECockpit

  • Moz Keyword Explorer

  • SEMrush

  • Keyword Snatcher

  • Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

4. At the next stage we evaluate keyword competition. Do you want to do it faster and easier? Then don't forget about MozBar tool.

So, we’ve worked hard and have a list of lucrative low-competition keywords. It’s time to transform them into website content.


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