5 tips to increase your Facebook audience.

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# 1: Collaborate with other page admins

Its a very effective way - to establish links with groups which have similar target audience. Among other things, you can provide each other cross-promo.

For example, if you have a page with an ice cream shop on Facebook, make friends with a pizzeria in your location, where your potential customers go

# 2: Put an active link to the page in your personal feed

Make sure that your friends can easily become a subscriber of your page. As we know, page updates do not always appear in the feeds, so what should the page administrator do?

If you give a link to your page, people can become a subscriber without leaving your news feed.

# 3: Add a link to a page in your profile

This is a very simple step, but many people miss it. If users search for you on Facebook, they will be able to find not only your personal profile, but also your page.

When people indicate their place of work in the profile and do not put an active link directly on the page of the company they work in, a certain "community page" with the company name and avatar in the form of a portfolio is automatically created. As a result, people click "I like" on this page, and not on the real page of the company. All you need to do is remove a link to this "community page" from the "About Me / Education and Work" section (click "edit" in the "About Me" section) and add an active link to the desired company page.

# 4: Write comments (thoughtfully) on other pages

It's a great way to become known to your target audience. Look for pages of related topics and subscribe there from the name of your page. Then follow up on the publications in the news feed of your page and comment on the publications.

Use the business page in the same way as you use your own Facebook-chronicle: to establish links and organize discussions on the page.

Do not forget to involve potential partners in discussions to build business connections.

It takes time, you may find that you have only 10 minutes a week to do this. But this is a very good habit, which allows you to promote your page.

# 5: Hold a contest

The organization of the competition is another good way to attract new subscribers. A large number of applications for contests in Facebook are available (and you MUST organize a contest using a special application), they are inexpensive, and you can customize them yourself.

And what about you? Write in a comment what do you use for increasing your audience!


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