How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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Budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, work towards having a consistent flow of visitors and customers to their sites. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed. Initially, many thought that spending lots of money on advertising helped increase website traffic. However, you do not need to invest that much money. You could be making one small but costly mistake. The following is a guide on how to drive more traffic to your site.

Improve site load times

According to a 2010 study conducted by Akamai Technologies, 57% of the online shoppers wait for only 3 seconds before leaving a site. As such, one way to drive more website traffic entails improving your site’s load performance. Websites that can load fast, rank highly on search engines. You can use tools such as a content delivery network (CDN), to enhance your website load time. CDN enables your site to serve pages based on the location of a user; thus, individuals in a certain geographical area get your website load faster.

Optimize website for mobile users

A recent study indicates that one-fifth of Americans access the internet through their mobile devices. Using a mobile-optimized website confers an array of benefits including enhanced user experience, enhanced SEO performance, competitive advantage and new advertising platforms. Customizing your site for mobile users will ultimately give you access to a wider market.

An active social media presence

Each social media platform that your firm participates in serves as an extension of your website. You should interact with the different social channels, particularly those that your target audience is active on. Many companies can also profit immensely by establishing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as their social media foundation. Share relevant content on these platforms and interact with your audience by responding to questions.

Optimize your website content

Another way to drive more traffic website entails making your site SEO friendly. It can be achieved by creating a basic format for all your web pages. Once you adapt the rhythm of writing titles in a standard format and integrating relevant information into the content, you will not be spending much time on SEO tasks. Remember to write clear and concise titles. As a rule of thumb, the titles should not exceed 70 characters. Also, create shareable, organized and engaging content to draw the attention of readers.

Link building

This is when you generate inbound links to your website from other internet sites. Link building has two core benefits: introducing followers of a different site to your web and improving your ranking on search engines. You can build a link by commenting on an article or blog post and including your link. This way, readers will end up visiting your site after reading an article that you commented on.

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