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If you have already built your 2.0 and want to mimic natural growth, then this stuff may help.

It requires building only a couple of links per day to look like it’s organically growing. Post only on HQ sites with good trust flow and high citation flow.

So, if you are using GSA SER, which I believe is pretty good for this task, make sure to build the following links:

- Blog Comments

- Social Networks

- Social Bookmarks

- Article Submission

Create different projects for each type of link and watch the program till it builds the amount you need. GSA can verify more links than you intend to make. I usually use filter of under 25 OBL (Outbound linking).

All those links can be built manually. Here’re some explanations:

  • Blog comments. Usually give awesome results, especially if you do this manually. It’s important to keep your anchor as a hyperlink or branded. This can contribute a lot to natural-site-mimicking.

  • Social Networks are basically Facebook / Reddit / Twitter / etc shares. Just publish your link on a social network platforms. I recommend to make real social pages for your site - it helps content get indexed faster.

  • I use Social Bookmarks for each page I want to rank. The benefit of Social Bookmarks consists in the fact that they are often no-follow links and help my pages get indexed. Always keep a good ratio of no-follow to do-follow links and stay below the radar.

  • Article Submission. Just share a piece of your content on another site to place a link.


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