Google Trends for local targeting and SEO

suraj_ads написал 16.07.2018
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I'm sure most of you have already tried this Google's feature, so this guide will be useful mostly for newbies.

First, I'll give you an example of local targeting. Let's assume you're going to advertise online yoga course for your client. First of all, you need to choose proper GEO as it's online service and there's no specific physical location.

So, enter "yoga course" as a search term and if you don't have country limits, choose "worldwide".

Let's see the results. Here's the map showing the most engaged GEOs.

If you need to target specific country, for example India, this information can help you analyze the relevance of the search term in the country. Then we must narrow our targeting settings by choosing exact regions. Enter your country in settings. Let's see the results:

Here's the map with most engaged regions. Now it's clear which regions you should target - just choose several TOP positions.

There's also seasonal statistics showing the most convertible months:

Well, now a few words about SEO. The feature also helps you find out related topics and queries:

This simple research can help you increase your conversion rate and ROI. The feature is free and requires only your Google account.


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